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The perfect formula on stage

Dance is not a competition, it’s a passion

Both these professional dancers dedicate themselves with heart and should to their great passion, art. They grew up in musical families and have constantly deepened their education in music and dance in order to perfect their art.
The MDS duo teach and perform in schools, in the streets, in TV studios, in your living room and in dance studios: and all this worldwide. The dancers and entertainers fill their workshops with encouragement and love to pass their knowledge on to young people. Find out for yourself about this unique duo.

Mave has been dancing since 1989 and Caro since 1994. They have more than 25 years of experience, years marked out by hard training and thousands of appearances, competitions, international camps, artistic festivals, events and workshops with legends, research work and unique stage productions.

Since 2005, both have been dancing together and founded in 2009 their own dance school and agency ‘MDS & Entertaiment – Mavement Dance School’. Located in central Switzerland, it numbers amongst the largest and most successful dance schools in the country. In 2012, thanks to their huge success in southern Europe, they opened an agency in Spain. Caro Groove and Crazy Mave make up the spectacular “MDS duo.” They perform with power, passion and emotion. In their spectacular shows, these two professional dancers blend the elegance of ballet, the power of acrobatics, the fire of salsa and the impressive popping and emotions of breakdancing. This lively mixture is topped with a dose of humour and even a sometimes a little magic. Their trend-setting style is often met with great enthusiasm.

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Dance shows, entertainment, workshops, graffiti, rap; The perfect entertainment formula