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The MDS duo has entertained and amazed audiences all over the world with dynamic and memorable performances. Private parties, company events, galas, casinos, and theatres have all held our unforgettable shows. Previous clients include Puma, Ikea, Fila, and Swisscom to name a few!

If you are looking for something unique, look no further than two of Switzerland’s most famous dancers. The duo aim to electrify the audience with special effects, incomparable techniques and of course, humor. They are perfectly timed and coordinated to keep spectators on the edge of their seats for the entire performance.


Learn dance arts

Our workshops are available in dance, graffiti, and rap and exist to encourage participants to express themselves freely, without any limits on how they create.

Our dance workshops are incredibly popular among children and teenagers.
Experience street art graffiti in our unique workshops that combine theory, preparation, and execution. Express your individual spirit through this visual art medium.
If you have ever desired to pick up the mic and spit spoken word then our rap workshop is for you. We guide you through the process from concept to performance, offering guidance on rhythm, method, and language.


what you earn

Bomb beats collide with explosive dance moves when our show team takes the stage. We can take full control of your entertainment needs and provide a full evening show. Relieve your worries and let us organise and collaborate with the theatres, musicians, dancers, and any other artists that may be required to make your night unforgettable.

It is also possible to have live workshops in dance, rap and graffiti if you would like to have an interactive experience for your guest. Whatever you choose, we will choreograph everything seamlessly including music and sound effects.